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Students who complete the program will walk away with an array of life experiences, an international network of friends, and a global awareness of their field of study. Students taking online courses simultaneously graduate with a diploma from some of the world's most prestigious universities.

Global Degree Academy Is The First Of Its Kind

The Program

Length Of Itinerary

Our program provides students with the safest, fastest, easiest and most inexpensive form of travel. But they also connect to a community of others embarking on the same incredible journey. They will travel with expert guides, seasoned academic professors, and international students who share the same inspiring mission.

Students will travel for an average of eight months of the year and spend the remaining four months at home with friends and family to relax, work or finish online courses.

Following graduation, whether you decide to work for a company, create a startup, or continue studies, a Global Degree will give you a competitive edge that is truly world-class.

The Future Global Citizen

After visiting every UN nation and graduating with a Global Degree, it’s safe to say our students have already made an impact on the world. And this is just the beginning...

Learn More About How It Works

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