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The best education in the world is being in the world itself.

An Unparalleled Learning Experience

Global comparative studies is a method that identifies and connects the world’s people, historic patterns, traditions & cultures. Together, staff and students will examine situations cross-culturally and from a global perspective.

The Online Course Experience

It's recommended you see if your current university (or university you wish to enrol in) provides online courses. That way you can join us for at least one semester, while receiving credits toward your degree.

Many top universities offer online courses that don't require admission and still issue certification or diplomas of your choice. Our top recommendation is Harvard Extension School a division of Harvard University. 

These courses are optional and not required for the Global Degree Program, but we highly encourage students to take advantage of the resources available.

World-Class Staff

Our staff hold degrees from accredited universities and have international experience and expertise on specific regions. They will be offering tours for students to learn about history, politics, religion, culture, business, the environment, and much more.

Facilitating Study Sessions

Our trip includes study days and breaks. This includes study halls in local libraries, universities, and book stores. Our professors will host guided discussions, tutoring sessions, and peer reviews. 

Field Classes

Field classes present the opportunity both for the staff and students to engage in further dedicated learning and discovery in each country. Engaging tours and activities will be provided by our staff and local tour providers.

Cultivating Global Citizenship

We seek students that are bright, thoughtful, and eager to gain a deeper understanding of the world. Our mission is to enlighten and educate the next generation of truly global citizens.

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