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It's Time To Depart

Global Degree students are selected for their desire to become educated and engaged global citizens. We will be enrolling students from every country in the world.

Maximum Value For The Investment

We offer the most valuable study abroad choice available in terms of miles traveled, countries experienced and cultures explored. Many of the online courses through accredited universities are recognized and transferrable if students wish to go back to college only after a year or two of the Global Degree program.

A Taste of The Whole World

Get engaged through faculty-led trips and community initiatives that make a difference. After experiencing so many countries each semester allows reflection on the people, places, and projects that were of utmost importance to you, and provides insight to how you can make a difference.

Sensory Experiences Combined With Academic Insight

Our curriculums are not merely for fun and pleasure. Rather, an opportunity to learn intensively about each country and region, comparing and contrasting those destinations as the itinerary progresses. No guide book can teach you more than a knowledgeable and caring professor and guides. 

Why Are Students Choosing Global Degree Academy?

  • Improved understanding of the world

  • Greater awareness of cultural difference

  • Improved self-confidence and autonomy

  • Improved flexibility and understanding of multiple perspectives

  • Better understanding of own culture

  • Greater acceptance of others and their own opinions

  • Ability to offer new perspectives to your home community

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