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  • What Do I Receive When I Complete A Global Degree?
    Similar to a university degree, you will be credited for completion of the program. In this case, visiting all permissible UN members states. There will be awards and certifications given out upon graduation.
  • Are your courses accredited?
    Open study tours allow you to study whatever you want! There are thousands of accredited courses available online from the world’s top universities. You can also transfer from your current university to distance studies and join us on the road.
  • Are completing online studies mandatory?
    Yes, but students in the open-study tour are able to take whatever courses they wish. Including: Distance courses provided by the university you’re currently enrolled in. MOOC provided by websites like Coursera, Edx, etc User-generated courses provided by Lynda, Udemy, etc. Free courses provided by alternative websites or institutions. Paid-for credited or non-credited university courses. Students enrolled in a study tour are required to complete the coursework provided by the instructor in addition to the external courses attached to that study tour.
  • Will Students Be Visiting Unsafe Countries?
    Any nations considered non-permissible we will not be entering. They include the following: ​ Syria Yemen Libya Venezuala Mali Somalia Iraq Nicaragua​ The above nations will not be required to complete a Global Degree.
  • Do I need To Commit To The Whole 5 Year Program?
    No, you do not. Students pay on a per semester basis and are free to drop out any time. Students can also skip ahead to the year 2 or 3 programs available without completing year 1 - Central & South America.
  • I'm Currently In University. Can I Still Join?
    Students already studying on university campus can research if there are any study-abroad options. If possible, they can finish their degree online while enrolled with the Global Degree Academy. If not available, another option is to find if courses are transferrable between the university and other universities offering existing online programs. ​ If options are available, students should apply to the Global Degree Academy and wait for a final decision before making any arrangements with their university.
  • Can I Apply If I've Already Completed University?
    Yes! We hope to include a wide variety of students with different academic backgrounds. We expect to receive students completing a second undergraduate degree, as well as master degrees, and gap year students.
  • When Should I Apply?
    Global Degree Academy operates on a rolling admissions basis, meaning there are no application deadlines for specific semesters. However, it is recommended that you begin the application process four months before the semester in which you would like to participate. Applications will continue to be accepted until approximately one month before departure.
  • What Topics Will Be Covered On The Trip?
    Students can select their field of study online with existing universities. In addition, we will be offering a well-rounded selection of field classes in the following: history, business, politics, environmental studies, culture, and languages, and much more.
  • What Are The Admission Requirements?
    In order to be enrolled in the Global Degree Academy, students must: have completed their high school diploma. have no criminal record. complete enrollment application. be interviewed one or more times by staff before final decision (optional).
  • How Many Semesters Can I Apply For?
    As many as you like! Just select the Fall and / or Spring semesters you wish to apply for in the application. If we select you for one or more semesters, you can accept the offer or request a transfer to other dates.
  • How Long Will It Take To Hear About My Admission?
    Once the Office of Admission has received your completed application, you will receive a reply in 10-20 business days. If you have note heard back from us in this time, you can follow up via email.
  • When Should I Submit The Deposit To Reserve A Space?
    As soon as you can. The deposit is applied against the tuition and fees for the semester. It is refundable up to 90 days prior to the start of the semester should you decide that you are unable to attend.
  • Do I Need A Passport? What About Visas?
    Yes, if you do not already hold a passport you should apply for one now. If you do have a passport you should check its expiration date. Your passport needs to be valid for six months beyond the end of the semester in which you enroll. Visa requirements vary depending on the countries included on the itinerary. Detailed information regarding passport and visa requirements are emailed to all confirmed (deposited) participants prior to departure.
  • What If I Need To Cancel From The Program?
    All cancellations or transfer requests must be mailed, emailed, or faxed by the participant on or before the posted cancellation deadline for the depature. Our payment and cancellation policy is as follows: Cancel over 90 days prior to departure – Full Refund of Program Fee and Deposit (Not $65 Application Fee) Cancel 89-60 days prior to departure – Lose 25% of program fee and deposit* Cancel 59-45 days prior to departure – Lose 50% of program fee and deposit* Cancel 44-31 days prior to departure – Lose 75% of program fee and deposit* Cancel 30 days or less prior to the departure and after departure – Lose 100% of program fee and deposit* ​ After departure no refund will be made to a participant who voluntarily withdraws from the program or who must withdraw from the program due to any violation of the Standards of Conduct. No refund of any kind will be made if the participant must interrupt the semester due to a medical or psychological illness. ​ If a participant’s departure or dismissal from the program requires a return or reduction of applicable federal or institutional aid or loans, the student is responsible for the program fees that were covered by these funds. ​ *Students may opt to transfer to another semester, however all funds will become 100% non-refundable.
  • Will I Be Charged Late Fees?
    A penalty of $250 may be assessed on outstanding accounts after the due date.
  • Any Other Questions Or Comments?
    Click here for our contact page and send us an email!
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