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#1 Priority: Health And Safety

Above everything, the health and safety of staff and students is the highest priority for all planning decisions. We invite you to learn more about our efforts to ensure the health, safety, and security of our entire group.

Health And Safety Strategies

Global Degree Academy assesses all risk factors for traveling and studying abroad. As many of our staff and advisors have already been to all the locations, they have a clear understanding of all potential risks and take all possible mitigating steps to ensure a safe experience for all participants.

Health Insurance Coverage

Some students have insurance coverage offered through family or employers, while others don't yet have coverage. Because of this, we excluded insurance from the tuition fees. Students who wish to get full coverage will be provided the best possible options and rates. No students can participate in our program without comprehensive insurance coverage.

Physical Health

Our co-ordinator team will arrange group fitness activities such as sports, morning runs, hiking, yoga, and weight training (when available).


All students must attend an orientation upon arriving to the first city in the itinerary. The purpose of the event is to ensure student understanding of health & safety along with learning basics of the language, challenges for first time travellers, etc.

Students must display a complete understanding of all important information before beginning the program.

Key Health And Safety Partners

As part of our health and safety strategy, we work with a wide variety of tourism companies and partners who are the most specialized in their field and in each particular area. This is to maximize overall student safety without compromising the experience.

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