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Be A Part Of The Worldwide Journey

A Global Degree is one of the most rewarding and broadening experiences your child can undertake during their college years. In a single semester, your son or daughter will gain rare insights into the complex circuitry of our world. These insights will result in academic inspiration and growth. 

As a parent, you are a key player in the overall experience of your child and we welcome your involvement in every step of the journey.

A Note On Health & Safety

Health and Safety is our #1 priority. Global Degree takes a proactive, preventative and community-based approach to safety, health and wellness. Click here to view our health & safety policies.

Creating Campus Environment On The Road

To ensure online course completion, it's important we facilitate a strong study environment. Each group will be accompanied by a university professor who will offer a wide variety of valuable information on a daily basis. But they will also lead guided discussions, lectures, study sessions, and available to assist on writing papers. Our academic co-ordinators will be arranging workspaces each week so students will always have the ability to study. 

The Best Universities Have Gone Digital

Top schools and ivy-leagues have all created distance learning programs for students to obtain the best possible education anywhere in the world. All you need is access to the internet and you have a university experience at your fingertips. Courses include video lectures from the professor, short tests to ensure understanding, online group discussions, and even one-on-one tutoring sessions with PhD students. 

Future Global Citizens

Only a university degree isn't enough to keep up with the global digital economy we live in today. Future employees are expected to have an array of life experiences, an ability to network internationally, a deep understanding of technology, and the determination to overcome large and daunting tasks. 

Our Global Degree graduates will provide these unique attributes and be extremely valuable to organizations, whether domestic or multinational. 

Staying In Touch

Students are always excited to be sharing the journey on social media for all of their friends to follow along. It's also a chance to keep in touch with you, the parents. When entering each nation, students will be provided with data for their mobile phones, and wifi will always be available at the hotels and hostels. So you can always stay connected.

Home For The Holidays

We understand the winter holidays are important for families. So our schedule will be similar to a university, allowing students three weeks of winter break between mid-December until early January. Students are free to fly home and visit their friends or family, or invite everyone to come see them and go on a family adventure. Whatever works for you. 

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