Student Program Fees (USD)

Central & South America

$2750 Per month

Total for Fall 2018 Semester (3.5 months) - $9625

Total for Spring 2019 Semester (4 months) - $11,000

Eastern & Western Europe 

$3250 Per month

Total for Fall 2018 Semester (3.5 months) - $11,375

Total for Spring 2019 Semester (4 months) - $13,000


In 2017, the average annual US college tuition is USD $34,480


What's Included In Your Program Fee?

Housing & Amenities

Hotels / Hostels are included with the fees as well as access to the gym, pool, spa, and other amenities.

Academic Field Classes / Activities

Daily Field Classes include active, adventure, informative, cultural, and volunteer experiences. See itinerary for more details. 


Following arrival to the orientation, we will provide all bus, boat, train and flight transportation to all countries on the itinerary.

Full-time, On-site Services Staff

Throughout the journey, students will have support staff including Master Guides, Professor, and Co-ordinators in charge or academics, student events, activities, and logistics.

Coworking Space

Facilities to help you complete your studies. Includes access to strong wifi, open till late hours, private rooms for reading or phone calls, and board rooms for meetings.

Other Costs To Consider

  • Flights to embarkation/from debarkation

  • Online Course Fees (visit University websites for more info)

  • Travel insurance

  • Any appropriate vaccinations

  • Laundry

  • Food / Beverages

  • Taxis

  • Passport Visa / Entry Fees

  • Cell phone Data

Program Fees Are Subject To Change

Tuition rates may vary due to increased demand and availabilities. Once you have submitted a deposit the fee will be locked in. 

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