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Admission Requirements

​In order to be enrolled in the Global Degree Academy, students must:

  • have completed their high school diploma

  • have no criminal record 

  • complete enrolment application 

  • be enrolled in some form of online studies (university or non-university).

Non-Traditional Student Requirements

  • International Students are eligible for enrollment

  • Gap year students are eligible for enrollment

  • Post-Graduate students are eligible for enrollment​

Admissions Process

We'll do everything in our power to provide you with a straight-forward and simple admission process. Follow these easy steps to successfully navigate the admission process and start your own journey.

Visa Requirements For International Applicants

Due to visa regulations, we require applicants outside of North America, UK, Western Europe, and Australia to apply for their own visas prior to departure. 

To view more information on visa requirements, search for your country of citizenship here:

Step 1: Application

To be considered for the Global Degree program you must complete an online application. We operate on a rolling admission basis; therefore, there are no set application deadlines. However, we recommend applying as early as possible. A completed file for admission consists of the following:

  • A completed admissions application

  • A non-refundable application fee of USD $65

Step 2: Acceptance

After our admissions team receives all of the above information, we begin reviewing these forms. Once a decision has been made concerning your application you will receive an email confirming or denying your acceptance. Students of any sex, gender identity, race, disability status, veteran status, nationality, or ethnicity, are eligible candidates for admission.

Step 3: Financial Aid

Admission to Global Degree Academy does not automatically provide students with a confirmed space in the program. Upon notification of acceptance to the program, a $1,500 deposit is required to reserve a spot on the trip. Further processing, such as awarding of financial aid and academic registration, cannot take place without the deposit, which is fully refundable up to 90 days before the departure date.

Step 4: Start Packing!

Official preparation begins a few months prior to embarkation. Until then, admitted and confirmed students can start networking in the Global Degree Students Facebook Group!

*Only admitted and deposited students are accepted into the Facebook group.

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