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Want to get paid to travel the world with the Global Degree Academy students? The following positions are available:

  • Academic Co-ordinator (arranging study sessions, group discussions, tutoring, lectures, etc.)

  • Social Co-ordinator (arranging parties, pub crawls, nightlife, group dinners, etc)

  • Logistics Co-ordinator (arranging group accommodation, activities, and transport bookings)

  • Finance Co-ordinator (arranging bookkeeping, bank transfers, payroll, etc.)

  • Master Guide (overseeing all staff, co-ordinators, and students)

  • Academic Advisor / Professor (leading study sessions, group discussions, tutoring, lectures, etc.)

  • Chef / Cook (preparing food for staff and students)

As we're seeking world-class staff to offer the best experience for students, we require the following:

  • Have received a university or post-secondary degree by the date of departure (eg. Spring 2018)

  • Have a very diverse travel background. On average, each of our current staff members have visited 25 countries.

  • Previous experience working in groups

  • Great team player with very positive attitude

If accepted, staff members will be provided the following: 

  • Accommodations

  • Transportation 

  • Student activities / field classes

  • Monthly wage (determined by number of students in group)

All applicants are required to pay a non-refundable processing fee of USD $85.

Applying To Become A Travel Staff Member


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